In any two consecutive weeks, a driver shall take at least two regular weekly rest periods or one regular weekly rest period and one reduced weekly rest period of at least 24 hours;

However, the reduction shall be compensated by an equivalent period of rest taken en bloc before the end of the third week following the week in question.

A weekly rest period shall start no later than the end of six 24-hour periods from the end of the previous weekly rest period.

Rest in the vehicle

Daily rest periods and reduced weekly rest periods away from base may be taken in a vehicle

There must be suitable sleeping facilities in the vehicle  for each driver and it should be stationary.


A driver engaged in international transport of goods may, outside the Member State of establishment, take two consecutive reduced weekly rest periods provided that the driver in any four consecutive weeks takes at least four weekly rests

 Where two reduced weekly rest periods have been taken consecutively.

The next weekly rest period shall be preceded by a rest period taken as compensation for those two reduced weekly rest periods.


The regular weekly rest periods and any weekly rest period of more than 45 hours taken in compensation for previous reduced weekly rest periods shall not be taken in a vehicle.