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Case Study 65

Tom works for a frozen food company and makes multi-drop deliveries across London and the South East. He drives a refrigerated 26-tonne rigid lorry which is fitted with a tail lift and a reversing camera.

Tom only works day shifts and always starts at 6 am when he carries out his daily vehicle checks. He notices that the truck does not have a height indicator in the cab. Before departing, his manager tells him that he needs to take a download from the vehicle’s tachograph unit.

Tom enjoys his job but hates delivering into central London, as parking is always an issue. His manager is concerned that he is picking up too many parking tickets, and has told Tom to be more careful when making deliveries.

It’s Saturday today; Tom’s sixth day at work. He is looking forward to a bit of rest.

He will arrive at his first delivery at 7.30 am