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Derek is driving an articulated lorry with a gross vehicle weight of 40 tonnes from Lancaster to a building site in Aberdeen. His trailer can fit a total of twenty two standard sized pallets on it.

Today his load consists of metal security doors which are on pallets and weigh 2000kg each.

They are carefully loaded onto the sides of the trailer by a forklift truck, then secured by the loading team. When he arrives at the delivery point, Derek will unload the goods himself using specialist machinery, which is attached to the rear of his trailer. This weighs nearly 1000kg, and a training course must be attended by any individual wishing to use it.

The journey will take just over five hours, and Derek has decided he will split his 45 minute break in two, taking 30 minutes for the first part after two hours of driving.

The truck can carry a maximum payload of 33 tonnes.