Watch the video above about how the part 1b hazard perception test works.

At the test centre you’ll watch a total of nineteen videos, and there are a total of twenty developing hazards that you will be required to spot.

The cost of the part 1b hazard perception test is currently £11 and can be booked online. You must pass this before you are able to take the practical (part 3) test.

You will be required to score a minimum of 67 out of 100 to pass the part 1b hazard perception test.

The maximum points you can score for each hazard perception clip is five points.

However, there is is one clip in the official test that will contain two hazards, enabling you to score up to ten points.

Below you will find all ten of the official Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency practice clips.  You will be required to identify the hazard on the first video.  

Students are advised to then watch the second video which will give you a score and explain where and when the hazard developed.

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