Observing Rest Breaks

By law you must take your mandatory rest breaks. It is important that you plan these to coincide with places to stop such as service stations or in a lay-by. You must park legally and stopping on the motorway hard shoulder or slip roads is not acceptable.

Place the breaks in the correct location

A break can be split into two periods (these are known as split breaks) the first break period being a minimum of 15 minutes and the following break a minimum of 30 minutes. These breaks must be completed after 4.5 hours driving.

It is important to note that EU driver’s hours break requirements take precedence over Working Time Directive breaks when driving, so be sure you are taking the correct break periods when combining driving with other work.

Please note that your 45 minute break under EU rules driver’s hour’s law can be used as the same break to satisfy the Working Time Directive rules.