Vehicle with Trailer

The DVSA Show me, tell me questions test your knowledge on basic vehicle maintenance and safety. The examiner will ask two questions at the start of your practical test, one show me and one tell me from the list below. 


Tell me how you would check the condition of the body is safe on this vehicle.

As part of a daily walk-round check, ensure the body is fully roadworthy and there are no significant defects. No loose panels or items, which could endanger other road users. All inspection panels must be secure.

Tell me how you would operate the loading mechanism on this vehicle (vehicle specific, eg tail lift).

Candidates should be able to explain briefly the correct operation and safe working practice of specific machinery fitted to the vehicle, eg tail lift.

Tell me how you would check the condition of the windscreen wipers on this vehicle.

Windscreen wipers must operate. Blades should be in good condition.

Tell me how you would check the condition of the reflectors on this vehicle.

Ensure that all reflectors are fitted, clean, and functional (not cracked or broken).

Tell me how you would check the condition of the suspension on this vehicle.

As part of a daily walk-round check, suspension should be checked for any obvious signs of deterioration or damage.

Tell me the main safety factors involved in loading this vehicle.

The load should be evenly distributed throughout the length of the vehicle so as not to affect control while the vehicle is being driven.

Any load must be carried so that it does not endanger other road users. It must be securely stowed within the size and weight limits for the vehicle.

The load needs to be secure so that it cannot move or fall from the vehicle when cornering or braking.


Show me how you would replace the tachograph disc on this vehicle.

Candidate to demonstrate how to insert tachograph disc. Digital tachographs may require an explanation if the candidate does not have a digital card.

Show me how you would check that the wheel nuts are secure on this vehicle.

A visual check to identify any nuts that are obviously loose, and check that the wheel nut indicators (if fitted) are in alignment.

Show me how you would check that all doors including cargo doors are secure

All doors must be closed and locking levers for cargo doors set in the recommended secured position

Show me how you would check the condition of the mudguards on this vehicle.

As part of daily walk-round check ensure mudguards and spray suppression equipment are secure.

Show me what instrument checks you would make before and after starting the engine on this vehicle.

Check to make sure all gauges and warning systems are working. Ensure that all gauges are reading correctly and that warning lights / audible warning devices are extinguished before moving away.

Show me how you would check for air leaks on this vehicle.

Charge the air tanks, consult gauges for drops in air pressure. Walk round vehicle listening for any obvious leaks.

Show me how you would clean the windscreen using the windscreen washer and wipers.

Operate control to wash and wipe windscreen (turn ignition on if necessary).

Show me how you would set the windscreen demister to clear the windows effectively.

Set all relevant controls including fan, temperature, air direction / source and heated screen to clear windscreen and windows. Engine does not have to be started for this demonstration.

Show me how you switch your headlight from dipped to main beam (no need to exit vehicle).

Operate switch (with ignition or engine on if necessary), check with main beam warning light.

Show me how you would check that the brake lights are working on this vehicle (I can assist you, if you need to switch the ignition on, please don’t start the engine).

Operate brake pedal, make use of reflections in windows, garage doors, etc, or ask someone to help.


Show me how you would switch on the rear fog light(s) and explain when you would use it/them (no need to exit vehicle)

Operate switch (turn on ignition and dipped headlights if necessary). Check warning light is on. Explain use.